E-cig Starter Kits Save Customers Money

E-cigarette Australia users are discovering that electronic cigarettes are a great way to save money over the cost of traditional tobacco cigarettes.  An e-cigarette is an electronic device that has three parts: a rechargeable battery, an atomizer or cartomizers, and a flavour cartridge. The flavour cartridge holds e-liquid that is made of propylene glycol, water, and flavouring.

Electronic cigarettes were created by a pharmacist in China known as Hon Lik. They appeared on the European market in 2006 and came to the U.S. market as well a year later. When a smoker inhales onto the electronic cigarette, they get the same taste and feel of regular tobacco cigarettes, but they have a choice to buy either those with nicotine or those without nicotine.

Other Qualities of E-cigs

Plus it comes in other flavours besides tobacco flavour, such as mints, fruits, spices, vanilla, chocolate, and even exotic flavours like pizza or popcorn. Many manufacturers even have special signature flavours that are unique to their company. Some even sell the ingredients to mix up e-liquid in many assorted flavours, which will save users even more cash.

However, the e-cig does not contain tar or any other of the 4,000 cancer causing chemicals that researchers have confirmed are in tobacco cigarettes. That means it is better for both the environment and the user. Due in part to this, the e-cig has become a very popular alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking.

How Can I Save Money with E-Cigarettes?

The way to get started in smoking electronic cigarettes is to purchase an e-cig starter kit. All of the brands of electronic cigarettes sell starter kits for their e-cigarette Australia products. A typical e-cig starter kit will contain at least a rechargeable lithium battery, several flavour cartridges, some type of battery charger (could be USB, wall socket or vehicle), and a carrying case for everything.

The e-cigarette Australia products are cheaper because an e-cig starter kit has enough puffs to equal several packs of regular cigarettes, but you can also refill the flavour cartridges, thus you only need to buy the contents found in an e-cig starter kit once, except that you will eventually need fresh empty cartomizers and new flavour cartridges. Statistics show that if a smoker used to use a full pack of tobacco cigarettes, that by switching to e-cigarette Australia products they can save around 60 percent.

When cartomizers were invented, this also helped the e-cigarette to be cheaper because the previous models sometimes leaked and wasted the e-liquid. Cartomizers are made of metal or hard plastic and inside of them is polyfill lining to soak up the e-liquid. Cartomizers are found on many of the newer brands of e-cigarette Australia products.

How to Smoke E-cigarettes

To start smoking the e-cigarettes, the users merely has to charge up the e-cigarette by plugging it into the charger. For the first charging session, it could be an hour or so before the e-cig is fully charged. There should also be an indicator light to let the user know when it is ready to use. Then you put the electronic cigarette together by connecting the three pieces.

Next, you inhale on the electronic cigarette as if it were a traditional tobacco cigarette. When you do this, the cartomizers in the flavour cartridge heat up and vaporize the e-liquid mixture, thus producing a vapour like mist that looks like smoke, but is not really smoke at all. This mist can’t hurt people like second hand smoke can from regular cigarettes and it doesn’t smell bad either, as it takes on the smell of the flavour being smoked instead.

You also don’t need a match or a lighter since the electronic cigarette uses the battery alone. However, it usually does have a red LED light at the end, so every time someone inhales, this lights up to simulate the burn of a tobacco cigarette. There is also not any way to catch anything on fire since it is powered by a battery, and users have discovered that they may even be allowed in some kinds of public places such as restaurants or airports where traditional tobacco cigarettes are forbidden.

All in all, e-cigarette Australia products and accessories are becoming more and more popular to many people for many different reasons. Part of this is because they can help to save money over traditional tobacco cigarettes as stated above. So, if you are interested in trying electronic cigarettes, then choosing to buy an e-cig starter kit will let you know if you like it or not.

Electronic Cigarettes Regulated as Medicine in the UK

Electronic cigarette Australia customers struggle with multiple rules and regulations that differ from state to state in the country. Recently, the UK approved legislature to start regulating the electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine as a medicine, according to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHPR). This is big news in the UK and could possibly lead to other countries following suit in the debate on the use of electronic cigarette Australia products and accessories.

MHPR announced that the decision was made to allow people to be confident that the electronic cigarettes and their e-liquid were safe, made of good quality products and worked correctly as well. Starting in 2016, all electronic cigarettes in the UK will be licensed. When this begins, then customers in the UK will be able to buy them as over the counter types of medicine.

While this is now going to be law in the UK, the US Food and Drug Administration decided in 2011 to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products and don’t use the harder laws that would make them regulated as a medicine. The FDA did add, however, that if these products were touted as being a stop smoking aid, that they may eventually regulate them as a drug.

What Exactly is an E-cigarette?

An e-cigarette is an artificial device powered by a rechargeable battery that looks and feels similar to a regular tobacco cigarette. They have an e-liquid flavour cartridge that can be filled with either nicotine or non-nicotine versions of the liquid that comes in flavours of tobacco, as well as hundreds of others.

The e-liquid is heated up and forms a vapour that looks like smoke, but is odourless and doesn’t produce harmful second hand smoke like tobacco cigarettes do. A flavour cartridge produces about the same amount of puffs as 40 tobacco cigarettes. This also depends on the manufacturer of the flavour cartridges.

Many users of electronic cigarettes purchase an e-cigarette starter kit which contains several flavour cartridges, a rechargeable battery, a battery charger and a case to carry it all. This is a more economical way to get started and all of the electronic cigarette Australia companies offer some sort of e-cigarette starter kit.

 What is in the E-cigarette E-liquid?

Some users smoke the electronic cigarettes to help them to quit smoking regular cigarettes, while others have always smoked only electronic cigarettes. This is another reason why the regulation to consider them medicines took place, as nicotine replacement items were already regulated in most countries, including both the UK and Australia.

Here is some precise data on the main ingredients in electronic cigarettes e-liquid mixture:

Nicotine: Nicotine is one ingredient in most versions of the electronic cigarette. Nicotine is considered to be addictive and in some places, such as Australia, it is considered to be a poison and is regulated accordingly. It is a stimulant as well and can have side effects on the heart and blood glucose levels in the body.

Propylene glycol: Propylene glycol is regularly added to foodstuffs since it lets ingredients blend more easily and it carries the flavours easily. It also makes a white vapor like smoke when heated. It is considered safe for consumption.

Glycerol: Glycerol, sometimes called glycerin, is also used as a food emulsifier for similar reasons as propylene glycol. It is also good to thicken foods. E-liquid has a combination of propylene glycol and glycerin and the first is used to carry the flavour, while the second is used to help the smoker to get the full feeling or throat hit that they expect.

E-liquid is good for about a week after the cartridges are filled up. This ensures its freshness each time the smoker uses his electronic cigarette Australia products. In some cases, the users merely buy disposable cartridges every time they want a new flavour or a new e-cigarette. Some users prefer to buy the e-liquid and mix up their own flavour mixtures to save money on their purchases.

All in all there will likely be many changes in the rules and regulations of e-liquid and electronic cigarettes in several countries in the next few years. Whether or not this new ruling in the UK will have an effect on this is yet to come. The bottom line is that no matter what the future brings, it is likely that many people will decide to keep smoking electronic cigarette Australia products.